Vincent DeVito, a practicing attorney and energy consultant, has held several posts inside
the U.S. Department of Energy, as a senior appointee of President Bush. Most recently,
Vincent served as Assistant Secretary of Energy for the Office of Policy and International
Affairs (Acting).  While at DOE, Vincent developed and implemented international energy
policy and market development around the globe, while managing a multi-million dollar
budget and a staff of over one hundred policy and technical experts.  

Vincent’s duties required worldwide travel during which he developed and maintained
several international government and industry contacts. Vincent was a framer and four-year
U.S. Manager of the North American Energy Working Group, which works on fully integrating
the North American energy market.  Vincent was also devoted to implementing the National
Energy Plan and pursuing comprehensive national energy legislation. In addition, he
facilitated the U.S.-Canada Power Outage Task Force that was established as a result of the
electricity blackout in August 2003.

Vincent has delivered numerous, major policy addresses worldwide before such esteemed
bodies as: The World Energy Council, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the
International Energy Agency, the Western Hemispheric Energy Ministerial, the Asian Pacific
Economic Council, Chatham House of London, the Center for Strategic International Studies,
the International Energy Forum and the Council for Environmental Cooperation.

Immediately prior to his work at DOE, Vincent served as an energy lawyer for the state of  
Massachusetts.  Vincent’s tenure in Massachusetts was spent energetically pursuing the
development and implementation of the state's electric utility deregulation plan at legislative,
regulatory and policy levels.

Vincent has also been a professional manager within numerous political campaigns; he is a
native of upstate New York and resides, with his wife Karyn, in Boston, MA.
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