Vincent DeVito
Mr. DeVito served as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy and International
Affairs. In that capacity, he was responsible for developing strategic policy while managing a
multi-million dollar budget. He oversaw a the Climate Change Technology Program, a global
portfolio, and maintains international government and industry contacts worldwide. While at
the Department of Energy, Mr. DeVito served as the U.S. manager of the North American
Energy Working Group, a task force created to pursue the development of a fully integrated
North American energy market. Mr. DeVito also facilitated the U.S.-Canada Power Outage
Task Force that was established as a result of the electricity blackout in August 2003.
Immediately prior to joining the Department of Energy, Mr. DeVito served as an energy
lawyer for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the legislative, regulatory, and
administrative levels. In that capacity, he pursued the development and implementation of
the state’s electric utility deregulation plan. All along Mr. DeVito has taken time to serve as a
professional manager for several state and national political campaigns, once having served
as a manager for Governor William Weld’s last gubernatorial campaign.

Mr. DeVito is a frequent television commentator, speaker and author on issues regarding
energy and climate change and has delivered numerous policy addresses before such
organizations as The World Energy Council, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the
International Energy Agency, the Western Hemispheric Energy Ministerial, the Asian Pacific
Economic Council, the Chatham House of London, the Center for Strategic International
Studies, the International Energy Forum, and the Council for Environmental Cooperation.
Mr. DeVito also issues an energy newsletter that currently focuses on  renewable energy,
clean technologies and the opportunities, challenges, and business solutions presented by
climate change polices.

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Vincent DeVito is an Energy, Climate Change and
Sustainability lawyer, residing in Bowditch &
Dewey's Boston office. Mr. DeVito is an authority on
energy and climate change issues and has closely
worked on legislative and regulatory corporate
matters at the state, national, and international
levels. He has strategically advised members of the
President’s Cabinet, governors, ambassadors, and
corporate leaders, and has participated in each
major federal initiative that has impacted the energy
industry this decade.
American Association of Blacks in Energy
President Bob Hill signs Three-Year
Cooperative Agreement with DOE Assistant
Secretary for Policy & International Affairs,
Vincent DeVito
Summer 2004