Gas Tips
Drive More Efficiently
Observe the Speed Limit
Remove Excess Weight from Your Vehicle
Avoid Excessive Idling
Use Cruise Control
Use Overdrive Gears

Keep Your Car In Good Condition
Keep Your Engine Properly Tuned
Check & Replace Air Filters Regularly
Keep Tires Properly Inflated
Use the Recommended Grade of Motor Oil

Plan And Combine Trips
Car Pool Whenever Possible, Not Just to Work
Avoid Unnecessary Travel During Rush Hours
Plan to Complete Every Day Errands in One Trip
Use Smaller Vehicles and Pack Lighter Loads for Long Distances

Choose A More Efficient Vehicle
Selecting your car is the most critical fuel economy decision.
The savings in fuel consumption and cost could be significant
over a short four-year period.

For more information visit the Department of Energy's website at
Basic Tips to Reduce Gas Consumption